Quiz 3 Resubmit

The questions below are due on Monday May 15, 2017; 10:00:00 PM.

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The .zip file below is the same as that for Quiz 3, it's available here in case you need to download it again.

If your Quiz 3 didn't pass all the tests or you want to revise your earlier answers, we invite you to continue to work on the quiz over the weekend and resubmit it to this assignment. The Resubmit assignment is available for submissions starting at 5pm on Friday, 5/12. The deadline for resubmissions is Monday, 5/15, at 10pm.

In order to request a regrade, you will have to submit corrected code that passes all the tests for the question and explain in Python comments your bug or the lack of functionality in your original solution. Also please indicate whether you believe this to be a large or a small change and explain your reasoning. That will help us award partial credit more efficiently and correctly. Over the following days, the staff will review your new code and award partial credit for any additional tests that you pass. There may be a checkoff associated with the resubmission -- to be decided.

Download: quiz_3.zip


When you have tested your code sufficiently on your own machine, submit your modified quiz.py by clicking on "Choose File", then clicking the Submit button to send the file to the 6.009 server. The server will run the tests and report back the results below.

For staff use during regrade

Problem 1

Did not submit quiz3_resubmit

Problem 2

Did not submit quiz3_resubmit