Lab 0: A Gas Simulation

The questions below are due on Thursday May 18, 2017; 05:00:00 PM.

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Code Distribution

Please download the .zip file below, which contains all the files, test cases, etc., you need to complete the lab using your own machine. When unzipped it will create its own directory with the lab's files. The instructions for the lab can be found in readme.pdf. You'll be editing to add the code requested by the instructions.



If you want to see how submissions work, you're welcome to submit your modified below, but submission is not required since there are no points associated with this self-test.

When you have tested your code sufficiently on your own machine, submit your modified by clicking on "Choose File", then clicking the Submit button to send the file to the 6.009 server. The server will run the tests and report back the results below.