Fundamentals of Programming
Spring 2017

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Announcements (Week of Apr. 17, 2017)

  1. Due next week:

    • Lab 8A submission: Mon, 24 Apr, by 10p.
    • Lab 8A check-off: Thu, 27 Apr, by 10p.
  2. The Quiz 2 Resubmit submissions have been graded for partial credit. Please see your gradesheet for details.

  3. As some of you have noticed, there was a bug in the code responsible for computing the number of late days for a delayed check-off, which caused some students' late day totals to be tallied incorrectly. We have fixed the computation, and the grade sheet entries have been updated. Since this change may impact some decisions you made based on the incorrectly reported late days, we've also increased the number of forgiven late days from 7 to 9.

    If you want to double-check our arithmetic, here’s the method for computing late days. In the following, a “check-off day” is a day when office hours were held. Days start and end at 10p, the time at which submissions and checkoffs are due.

    • the checkoff deadline is computed as three check-off days past the later of the due date and the day you submit.
    • for each full or partial day past the checkoff deadline, it only counts as a late day if it’s a check-off day.
    • the total number of late days for a lab (counting both submission and check-off) is capped at the number of final points you earned for the lab.